Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reaching Targets is NOT That Important

Take a rest. Moreover, plan a rest. Be ready for a rest. Think about your schedule like it was a flexible entity. Challenge yourself and your targets. Don’t rank your professional missions as number 1 in priority. Sure, they still deserve to be ranked as a kind of important but not that important. You might be surprise to find out that your planning sessions become more methodological and your defined targets become clearer and brighter when they are arriving from more or less peaceful environment.

Take the lower ranked elements in your day to day agenda and think about scheduling them more often. It could be done by meeting an old friend for a lunch, going to the gym or to the beach at 16:00 or taking a foot message once a week. The more complicated it looks to you the more essential it is. You will find out that catastrophic incidents will not happen so fast if at all, and even if would, they has nothing to do with your new schedule.

Having the “right” life is something most human beings are wishing for but almost never meet. Being aware to the fact that you will never meet your expectations in complete will probably assist you to meet at least some of them.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shorter Kids Are Playing a Better Basketball

Shorter Kids Are Playing a Better Basketball?!

Yes! Simply watch the kids playing.

Some of the shorter kids have decided to stay aside of the game. They have adopted a shorter personality leave them out of this race. But those of the shorter kids that adopted "taller" personality are doing better then the average kids, especially when you calculate their natural limitations. While the big-tall boys are spending more time in social gestures the small kids are thinking. THEY ARE PLAYING FOR THEIR LIFE. The big-tall guys are sure they are winners by nature, but actually sometimes they simply do not see the whole picture. It is true that the tall guys that would seriously play using their natural gift would be probably the best in class. But they are only a few.

Of course this is not a basketball game. It is life. You always should play like you were the smallest boy in class so you could take them on with your strategies and tactics. Talking business, think how lucky you are of being only a regular human been. This is your real gifts since it forces you to fight for any achievement. For you achievement is a victory.

Adopt a "Taller Personality", but play like you were a shorter guy among giants.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Do Favors Without Expecting for Return. Yes. It's Giving Without Taking.

Simple, isn't it? You are about to do plenty of favors to other people as a WAY OF LIFE. Gathering good deeds with no intention getting anything back. But the interesting thing is that you are not doing it for feeling good, but because you believe you would enjoy SOMEHOW it in you lifetime. It is too early to estimate how you would enjoy thses good deeds, but you probably would.

But like always there are some regulations for this approach. You shall act like that ONLY with people –

(a) you trust

(b) like

(c) you would probably stay connected to

Another important comment is regarding the frequency of the good deeds. Do when and in case it is happening. Do not ask for it. I am not asking you to volunteer, but to respond.

Start with your connections. Sometimes it's all about connections. So if someone you like, trust and well connected to is needing for a good contacts in some field or territory and you believe and even certain you have got the perfect solution for him, than –

(1) don't dare using his opportunity for your yourself

(2) share with him your perfect solution

(3) Don't ask for founder fee or for future commission

I guess that now some of you are saying: "That's it! This guy is crazy!" (and you also probably think of leaving this blog forever).

Keeping them discreet would not bring you anywhere. Try to act such as your contribution for the transparency of the global economy and international markets is essential not only for the world sake but for YOUR SAKE as well. In fact IT IS!

Freeing some of your personal assets doesn't mean losing them but strengthening them.

Well, do not get to that conclusion too fast. I think you better give it another thought.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Millions of People are By Far Better than You. But You Could Work Below The Radar.

You should accept the fact that there is always somebody around that is much more successful than you, more intelligent, richer, stronger, and smarter, look better, wiser, nicer, younger or older and even more ambitious than you.

First of all you should accept the fact that this is not only a theory. The better-then-you guys are not somewhere else. They are here. Inside your working place. Within your building. Actually you might share your room with them. They fight against you. And many times they win. Now Deal With It!

The sooner you will accept this fact the better. It would allow you to concentrate less in comparisons and more in actions. It will let you work for putting the ball inside the basket instead of getting impressed of and watching how tall the other player are. You should act most of the day and think during the rest of it. You should NOT look too much at others advantages but only for the purpose of learning how to better deal with them, join them, take them on or fight them. This purpose is the only good reason for you to look at the successful lucky guys and estimate their few, if at all, weaknesses. You should research their advantages in order to find the best way for accessing their systems, in order to work with or against them. Both (with / against) are fine.

In fact, knowing that you are not one of those successful guys means you might get there and achieve your goals below the radar. And the later you are recognized as a winner the better. Working below the radar is something the rich, successful, tall guys cannot do. They are too rich, too handsome, too nice, too winners. Of course you cannot stay below the radar for long. It is impossible to achieve your challenges and still staying invisible. Please remember one important thing: Staying below the radar is an advantage but not a target or destiny.

I know many trainers as well as priests ask you to wake up early in the morning, saying "I'm a winner, I'm successful"! Well, you may say that but please try not to forget that many of your competitors are even more winners, beautiful and successful than you.

Good reputation helps. Too good image sometimes harms.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Knowledge is a needy entity. Or: "What are we Doing Now Brothers?"

It is fine to expect for knowledge-based deliverables but it is will not necessary work. Knowledge-based solutions are too much a matter of timing, will and even mood. It is conditioned on the very impulsive human component. So it is weak. Period. Now deal with it.

Sometimes you simply don't know what to do. You probably remember the sentence from one of these family's crises: "So, what are we doing now brothers...?", and of course, everybody is looking at the older brother, waiting for him to say something, guide, or at least give a direction. None of these happens because he simply doesn't know the right answer.

Your older brother doesn't necessary know better than you "what are we doing now". And by the way, your younger brother not necessarily that inefficient and ineffective guy you always thought he is. He might have some interesting ideas, such as rechecking if the fuel tank is not empty by accident. That is something that older guys have forgotten long ago. The youngsters are keeping in their hands some important insights. It is BECAUSE they are basing their ideas on a rare and short experience.

But let's go back to the old brother. People we expect to deliver, sometime simply cannot get for us the necessary answers. It doesn't mean they are useless. Oh NO! They are exactly as useful as they had been before we found out they cannot get for us the answer at the very moment we have needed it.

That's about your brothers. Believe it or not, in a way, the wise person that so far we have trusted his knowledge, who failed to deliver the answer when we needed for it, is even more efficient and helpful after he has admitted he has no clue what to do. Unknowing the solution means looking for it. Looking for it means a process of searching for new solutions. Searching for solutions is in fact an R&D process. R&D process is what you are looking for if you like to use talent, experience and ambitious for getting longer, higher, farer and stronger.

Knowledge is a needy entity. You shall look at knowledge as an amorphous shape, unstable dimension and wonky platform. All of us already know and learned that managing knowledge is very demanding as well as sensitive mission. I have seen great trustable Companies crashed due to a disaster treatment of the organization's intellectual property. Those Companies had a risk management program very well written, defined and maintained by MBA's. That's great! But they have must missed something, isn't it?

The knowledge is based firstly, but far away from only, on experience. It is also a matter of geography, timing, teaming, culture and even mood. When you respect these elements, and the fact that the people hold the IP are depending on these elements, and the fact that they can deliver sometimes and cannot deliver many times, then you have made an important step for keeping your IP relatively safe. and no matter what, always remember that knowledge is kept by PEOPLE.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Work for Yourself While Working for Others

Is it moral, fair or ethical to work for yourself while getting paid by others?

The unpopular answer is positive. Well, it is not a non-conditional 'YES!' but still a 'yes'. As long as you make such a choice (to work for yourself), and you deal with the meanings of that choice, and you still deliver the necessary production you are expected to deliver, there is no harm in contributing for your career while helping others to become Millioners.

Moreover, from the beginning, you shall build your working-for-others system in a way it would make the most value added for your career at any time.

There is no better time to -
(a) talk to people you are working with on the day by day activities about a joint operation you might make together one day in the near future
(b) draw with colleagues you share long and serious working hours your future dreaming working place
(c) watch the news and get more knowledge about the environment your current organization is active in as well as neighbor environments
(d) access the Internet watching for terms and articles related directly and indirectly to your field of activity
(e) exchange ideas with other people from the your organization
(f) get to know better the customers of your organization, talk to them about their career and future plans
(g) plan
(h) think
(i) Socialize

There is a very good reason for you to start building your future immediately without waiting a single additional moment. And the reason is that simply THERE WOULD NEVER BE A BETTER TIME FOR THAT!

Actually the mutual sake of employees AND employers is to create and develop a constructive environment. Such an environment that would allow the worker to make, besides his formal activities he gets paid for, also the a to i above mentioned activities.

And this insight brings me to the most important lesson here: I am asking you to stop thinking like a worker but immediately start thinking like a Boss. Like always my mission is to raise important issues with effect to your future business activities. So the lesson in this article is not what you shall do as employee today, but what you should NOT do as employer tomorrow.

Remember, you should never -
(a) limit your workers in their fields of interest
(b) obsessively following their activities during breaks
(c) block their access for the Internet or news sites or public information resources
(d) ask them to avoid thinking and hoping
(e) to expect them not to plan their future
(f) avoid them from getting a promotion
(g) harm their professional development
(h) stop them from thinking
(i) stop them from socialize

Doing such things means a direct loss of revenues, profit and reputation.

At this stage I would like to go back to the first sentence in this article: I am not asking you to avoid doing the above actions because it is not moral, fair or ethical to treat your workers that way, but because it is STUPID.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What are you talking about?!

Direct? Simple? Available? Or in other wards: what is this blog anyhow?

Well, to make the short even shorter, I have a habit to speak to people, most of them my friends, advise and support (and sometimes even guide) them in some significant moments, mainly in their professional lives, based on my view and understanding of the markets, life and goals achieving.

One of those friends actually urged me since a long time to start gathering my distributed and unorganized insights into a formed and logical Torah / Theory that makes sense and share it with other people. So I firstly started to write the articles and now I am uploading the drafts to the net after editing.

The blog would be divided to Tree parts:(a) research (yourself and your environment);(b) prepare to act;(c) act

Because of the nature of blogging, the above three phases are using currently only for my internal work, and affect mainly the order of the Publishment of the articles. So they would not necessarily affect your reading.As you probably understand, the main purpose of the blog is to gather some important outputs I have collected from my personal and professional life and put them together. I believe that after I'll finish publishing the complete list of a few dozens of articles, some of the readers might find it valuable for decisions related to their careers and professional lives.

It is important for me to mention that this blog is the results of my personal thoughts, combined together with my personal state of mind. It is nothing but that. GOD did NOT whisper into my ear during this process, or anybody else.

Now, please remember:

(1) the blog presents my personal insights from some 20 intensive years in the "game" (of career and business).

(2) I am not sharing my insights because I am more right, educated, skilled, successful, handsome, professional, reach, talented or experienced than other people, but simply because I'd like to share them with YOU.

(3) My insight are not better than any other person's insights and I am not expecting no one to accept or like them. Moreover, I expect many to dislike and dis-accept them.

(4) I am not necessarily the first one who present some or all of my insights. It is very likely that most of you have heard about similar or identical ideas in the past. Redefine them, give them my wording and put them together is my work.

(5) My mother tongue is NOT English. Forgive me for the language mistakes; some of them might be painful. I promise you to do my best but cannot avoid from any mistake.

(6) Bristone is my Blog name only.